You can use any color you want from the palette of pastel colors or more intense tone. Choose 3 tones of the same color eye shadow (one color off white, one middle color and one darker color from the previous one ) With the brush apply the off white color in the inter corner of the eye. In the center of the eye lid apply the middle color eye shadow.
At the end in the out corner of the eye apply the third darker eye shadow. Blend with another clean brush the colors TO each other and add more color if it's necessary. Use the same shadows on the bottom of the eye liner. At the bottom inter line use a white /beige eyeliner pencil .Use black or brown eye pencil (or eyeliner) to the upper eye line, in a thin line close to the lashes. Use a highlighter shadow under your eyebrows and blend well with your brush. Finish with mascara and use false lashes for more intense. Choose a neutral color blush and lipstick to complete your makeup or a simple lip gloss in pastel shades again.

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